The selection of the right online-casino

In 1994, Microgaming opened the first online casino in general and quickly a sector of its own developed from these beginnings with an annual turnover of more than 15 billion US-$. Considering these numbers, it is not surprising that there are meanwhile far more than 1000 (!) providers on this market 1000 providers all keen on a part of this turnover trying to outdo each other with offers and promotions.

For this reason, the selection of the right casino occasionally becomes a torment for the player. But by the help of some criteria, the masses of casinos can be reduced and limited quite fast:

How long has the Casino existed?

The age of a casino can reflect if it works honestly and well. A casino working with dishonest activities and which has left a negative impression in the player community, normally cannot keep long on the market. Furthermore, you can mostly rely on the fact that the software of established casinos runs free of errors and that there are no occurrences of complications.

Where is the Casino licensed?

Online-casinos need a licence for their operation and there are different countries that issue them. But by far not every licence is worth the paper it has been printed on. There are some very trustworthy licences, like for example the licences Malta or Gibraltar issue and some very dubious licences, like those from the Netherlands Antilles or Costa Rica.

Which software does the Casino use?

An online-casino often does not develop its games itself, but rather draws on the software of one of the many producers. From then on, the selected software determines the offer of a casino. The majority of operators mostly limit on the software of one or two producers. But there are also providers like bet365. This provider uses the software by believe it or not 20 (!) providers, which of course has an enormous impact on the offer of games of this provider.

Does the Casino offer the games and limits I want to play?

The Casino player is as different as online-casinos themselves and not every online casino lends itself to the same extent for the different types of players.

Among the majority of online casinos are diverse providers that have determined for special niches and tailored their offer as well as their promo-campaigns to the different types of players. In principle there is the appropriate casino for every player: Therefore, slot players should currently become the happiest at bet365, Blackjack-players at Mr. Green and players of roulette at Eurogrand.

How high is the bonus and how are the bonus requirements?

The bonus a casino offers should not be disregarded, after all this is additional money the player can make. Questions in connection with it are: How high is the bonus; how and with what games can you unlock the bonus; are there additional offers besides the bonus for new customers, etc.?

Last but not least: How can you have the money you have won paid out and how long does it take?

All in all these are a lot of points you should consider when choosing a casino.

Also this year has made it its priority to get to the bottom of things creating a top-list of Casino-providers 2012 based on this.